Sunday, December 8, 2013

Folk Festival

Volunteer Work at The folk festival with my girlfriend...

Every year I volunteer at the Richmond Folk Festival and it was awesome this year because I was with the best person in the world person. They had lots of food and music this year it was ridiculous. but I really did enjoy myself , Usually I’m walking around helping people find their way around to different events that’s going on which I did this year as well but I was the team leader which I really enjoyed . I just walked around and enjoyed my time I got a T shirt and free food and Good Music to listen to all day. I was so packed this year it was a wonderful turn out I’m so proud of Richmond. I’m glad I can be a part of such great things and not only that but you can but volunteer work on resumes and applications so I’m glad I was introduced to volunteering here at such a young age .Having my girlfriend there with me made it even more better because I was able to spend my day with my best friend and she wasn’t use to doing all that work so she was complaining a little but eventually got over it because she had too … I shared a great day with a great person and with my favorite artist .

Friday, November 1, 2013

Hard Word ...

It is hard work to maintain a household ,two jobs and school and a relationship and only to be 19 . Sometimes I wish i would of listened to my mother when she told me not to grow up too fast because every little thing is really adding up which is not a good thing to me . My schedule is very busy from the time I wake up at 7 to 12 midnight and it doesn't end there I usually do not get to bed til around 2 am so that tells you that I don't get a lot of rest which I need because I'm starting to feel it in my body with all the aches and pains . Sometimes I say to myself "I wish I was 16 again when everything was free and just so right". I remember when all my mom asked for me to do was go to school and make good grades and I even made that difficult on myself because I wanted a job and she denied it for the longest time until she finally said yes . Sometime I did not get off work until 11 o'clock and I would be tired in the morning and she would yell "you better not miss that bus ". I would pop up and hurry up and get dress and make it out time just in time to get on the bus or sometimes I would have to run down the street which was tiring because I was a chunky kid .

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Since the Kitty Kat accident ..............

Omg this is getting scarier by the moment , now all types of animals just want to dash out at me on the road . This is getting crazy and I would come to a sudden stop and let them go but once I slam on breaksI would slam  real hard and I dont want to harm myself but I also do not want another epoisode like the cat . I just believe that something on my car is attracting these animals and telling them when to dash out . I never thought I would be the one to really kill an animal . As I was growing up my mom always use to hit birds they use to just slam into her windshield and pass away which I thought was crazy as well and it use to be like everyday . Now I took on the trait which I do not want . I had to pray about this thing because I do not want to have a mental break down about this . I just really want to stop driving for awhile because its getting out of hand now ....

R.I.P Kitty Cat

I feel so bad, but it was not my fault the little cat was a dare devil . I cried and was scared to turn around and look at the cat but I had no choice because I had to make a U-Turn . I was coming down the rode and I saw a cat and i stopped and he stopped as well so I pressed my gas and continued to go down the road as I was continuing down the road he all of a sudden got brave and dashed out and there it was my right tire smashed him and I was in total shock and I started to cry and I didnt know what to do . I was coming to the end of the road and I didnt want to look back but I had to ride right pass him in order to get where I needed to be . I saw him fighting for his lifwe . I dont even like cats but I felt so bad for this one . I didnt know what to do that scence kept playing in my head for days and I would breakout and and cry .I just hope he was okay .............

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Double Dating Went Wrong

This weekend my girl friend and I got invited to go on a date with her co worker . I was a little sketchy about it because I really don't do things like this but she wanted to so I decided to go . I had to do something that day so I was a little late . Our time to meet up was 5:00 but it end up changing to 6:00 then to 6:30 then to 7:30 then we finally met her co worker at 8:00 . I'm not going to use real names do I will use there first initial . T said that her girlfriend went to the fair with her family is was going to meet us at 6 , but we waited on this girl so long it was ridiculous I really thought I was going to like it but this couple ruined it for every future double date . we waited and waited and waited on her girlfriend until midnight but the thing is we just kept parking around different business and she texting the girl and she making up so many different excuses like well... My mom said i have to babysit now because she is going out with her friends but  T still insist on waiting around for this girl . I was so fed up it was crazy I just couldn't understand how the hell you don't get it . She keep making excuses so she cant or don't want to go . T even had us to go in the girl neighborhood and look her house all she knew was what kind of cars were in the drive way nothing else . So we rode around looking and searching it was the absolute worst then when we finally fount it she said can we just park and wait . WTH did she mean park and wait .........She is not even coming out ! So she texted her girlfriend  and said we were outside and she was so surprised and said well i can run out and give you a kiss then I will have to run back in thins was about midnight . How childish was that to say that you could run out and give a kiss smh ! I was so done . So T finally got fed up and we did too so we just took her home . She ruined my day so bad . We were suppose to go to Uptown Alley and Ghangis Grill or Bottoms Up .I was looking forward to that instead my night was spent waiting and waiting in parking lots on Oaklawn Blvd !

Friday, September 13, 2013

Google Glasses

Have you ever heard of Google Glasses ........Okay I don't know what in the world the world is turning into . I take Government this semester but we always talk about whats going on in the world and look at videos . Have you even heard of Google Glasses ? OH MY . Okay we all use Google but probably very frequently but they actually have glasses you can but on your face and there goes goggle for you . It has Navigation, the weather , web searching and a camera to spy if I must say etc . They even come in different colors and you can get them as sunshades as well .The government already don't want people to text and drive but now they are going to come out with these expensive glasses that we can put on our face and walk around with . You actually can your prescription in them as well . What happened to privacy ? People now can just walk up and have an camera on you its just not right ad its quite stupid to me . Who ever is creating all stuff its just getting out of hand now and I cant believe it . Thats going to be more of a fight and start to much unnecessary drama . Conflicts that we shouldn't even have come upon . Also they are water proof . Just think of yourself in the men restroom and someone comes in there with those glasses on recording .  WHAT !!! . Just look what we have to deal with . That can cause some many health issues with all that radiation around your head . Its just crazy im done .
Peace and Love 
Ky . Elle<3 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Creating " THE BLOG"

In class today we had to make decisions , ones I never thought I would make . Shaking My Head ! My teacher asked us to create a blog which is apart of our class grade . I had to think long and hard about the title it was suppose to be creative but also clean . So many things came to mind I didn't know what to choose so I started to Google different things and  started searching and I came up with the creative Lost & Delirious. Please do not ask why I don't know it just was catchy and creative like my teacher told me to do . I am not lost at all I know myself quite well and I am not crazy all the time . Once I came up with the title of my blog we had to go into a class discussion about a paper that we are going to write . We had to make a decision on one accord and man was that hell . WHY ? You just cant but people together and expect them to choose from 15 topics in 10 minutes even though it would probably resume next class. We had to choose from broad topics that were interesting and that I am willing to write on but everyone wants to do crime. That is so not me ! So we shall resume next class and see where things class togetherness shall take us .......

Peace,Blessings and Love .
Ky <3