Sunday, December 8, 2013

Folk Festival

Volunteer Work at The folk festival with my girlfriend...

Every year I volunteer at the Richmond Folk Festival and it was awesome this year because I was with the best person in the world person. They had lots of food and music this year it was ridiculous. but I really did enjoy myself , Usually I’m walking around helping people find their way around to different events that’s going on which I did this year as well but I was the team leader which I really enjoyed . I just walked around and enjoyed my time I got a T shirt and free food and Good Music to listen to all day. I was so packed this year it was a wonderful turn out I’m so proud of Richmond. I’m glad I can be a part of such great things and not only that but you can but volunteer work on resumes and applications so I’m glad I was introduced to volunteering here at such a young age .Having my girlfriend there with me made it even more better because I was able to spend my day with my best friend and she wasn’t use to doing all that work so she was complaining a little but eventually got over it because she had too … I shared a great day with a great person and with my favorite artist .

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